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June 18 2016


Cosmetic Surgery On a Budget

People do not have to be wealthy to benefit from Breast Augmentation in Chicago, IL. Costs can be lower, depending on the procedure and type of implants are chosen. Many surgeons also offer financing options to help pay for cosmetic surgery procedures. Most insurance policies will not cover cosmetic surgery, any follow-up care, or any related procedures for complications of cosmetic surgery, which are rare incidents.

Women who want a small change in breast size, for example, can have a fat transfer augmentation that costs less money, and can be done on an outpatient basis. That also saves money on hospital stays. Fat is collected, via liposuction, from another part of the body, and injected into breast tissue. A needle is used, so there is little risk of scarring, and there is no risk of leaking or rupturing implants. This procedure also has an additional benefit because the area where the fat is collected becomes smaller. The hip is a common donor site, so the waist appears smaller after the procedure is completed. Tummy Tuck Chicago

Saline implants also cost less money than silicone implants. They can be inserted deflated, and then have the saline added, so the incision is smaller as well. The risk of complications is also reduced because, should the implant leak or break, the saline is naturally absorbed into the body. These implants are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for patients eighteen years of age and older. Silicone implants are the most expensive option for Breast Augmentation Chicago. There are two types of silicone implants from which to choose, which also reflects in the cost of the surgery. Traditional silicone implants will deflate if there are leaks, or if the implant ruptures. Regular follow-up visits are needed to monitor the implants, which also adds to the overall costs of this option. A more recent silicone implant is firmer and will maintain its shape, even if the gel leaks from the shell, or the shell breaks. That implant is called a "Gummy Bear" implant.

The position of the implant is also a factor in the overall cost of surgery. Implants can be placed over the muscle, under the muscle, or in both places, which is referred to as dual placement. The difference in placement dictates the fullness of the results. The surgeon will discuss all implant options with patients during an initial consultation for Tummy Tuck Chicago. The type of implant, the placement, and the costs depend on the overall health of the patient, the desired increase in size, and the additional costs associated with surgery. Total costs, for example, include hospital costs, anesthesia fees, and prescription medications for pain and to avoid infection.
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